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Hey There, Rodeo Ridin', Comic Con Lovin', Farmers Market Fanatics!

So, you're about 10 months into your crafty convention adventure, huh? Been to rodeos, craft shows, Comic Cons, and Farmers Markets? Me too! It's like we're twins, only I'm probably less good-looking.

Who Needs a Checklist, Anyway?

I bet you're thinking, "Why on earth do I need a checklist?" I thought the same thing once. Then, there I was, at my first rodeo. Literally, it was a rodeo. And guess what? I forgot my cashbox! So there I was, just a cowboy without his cash. Not a fun day, let me tell ya!

But I'm here to save you from my past. Consider this your time-traveling letter, like the one Marty McFly gets in Back to the Future. This is your checklist. This is your lifesaver!

Golden Rule Time

But first, my golden nugget of wisdom for you: Ask. Questions. Don't worry if you sound like a broken record. There's always someone else in the same boat as you, probably also wondering if they need a cashbox. Plus, you'll find that vendors are a pretty friendly bunch.

Ready, Set, Checklist!

1. **Tent/Canopy:** Get a 10x10 quality one. (EZUP or Euromax) I have an Eruomax, and I love it more than my grandma's apple pie.
2. **Lights:** Because, you know, seeing stuff is pretty important.
3. **Cashbox:** Don't be like me at my first rodeo.
4. **Tables:** It's better than laying your stuff on the ground. Trust me.
5. **Table Cloth:** Makes your table look fancy!
6. **Signs:** For prices. And maybe a "Please don't touch" one too. Half Price Banners are great!
7. **Cart or Dolly:** I vote for Dolly. She's a good listener.
8. **Display Grid wall/Clothes rack:** It's all about the presentation!
9. **Storage containers:** Because messy tables aren't fun.
10. **Business Cards:** To remind people you're awesome.

All Good Things...

Well, there you have it. My secret recipe for convention success. There are plenty more where that came from, especially if you're heading to Comic Conventions, Rodeos, or Fairs. We’ll tackle those nuances in the future.

And remember, at [Cates Concepts](www.catesconcepts.com), we've got a pretty cool deal going on. For every new design we can sell, we give a BOGO. That's right! Buy One, Get One! So why not whip up a design next time you're on the road and see if you can snag yourself a BOGO.


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