What you need to get started in Craft Shows.

What you need to get started in Craft Shows.

I have been doing Craft shows, Farmers Market, Rodeos, and Comic Conventions for about 10 months now.  One of the things that i wish I had when I got start was a checklist of things I needed when I was on the road.  Nothing sucks more that to be at a venue and sudden realize that you're missing something basic.  So in the next few blog post I am going to talk about basic things to consider when going out to a show.

Before I get to the list I want to mention one golden rule that has worked for me. "Ask questions".  Don't be afraid.  Chances are there are several new people at the same event trying to solve the same problems as you.  I learned more for just talking to the vendors around. me.  They may not have the answer that you need but they will help in getting you in the frame of mind to solve any problem.

1. Tent / Canopy.  10x10 Buy a quality one. (EZUP or Euromax) . I love my Eruomax.

2. Lights

3. Cashbox

4. Tables

5. Table Cloth

6. Signs .  Make sure you a sign for prices.  Banners are great (Half Price Banners)

7. Cart or Dolly - Dolly

8. Display Grid wall / Clothes rack

9. Storage containers

10. Business Cards.  - Vistaprint.  (do a search online there is alway a 40 - 60% off coupon,  Don't forget to put your name as well as your business on it.


This is a goo starting place. I can definitely add more to this in the future.  Especially If you are targeting Comic Conventions, Rodeos, or Fairs.  Each has there own Nuances. 


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