Non Profit Fundraisers

One of the things that we love to do at Cates concepts is School or Charity Fundraisers. Being a former theatre teacher I am very familiar with fundraisers, how time consuming and hard they are. Everyone is sick of the same candy bars, popcorn and cookie dough.

When I started Cates concepts I wanted to allow fundraisers to be set up the way I wanted them be. With flexibility built into them.

How much do you make per item?

We have suggested amounts that you charge for each item but you are not limited to that amount. If you feel like you can charge more feel free to or if you wish to offer BOGO's you are allowed. Suggested Pricing:

Items *MSRP 10 items 50 items 
100 items
Dangles $15.00 $8.00  $7.00 $6.00
Studs $13.00 $6.90 $6.11 $5.20
Keychains $6.00 $3.20 $2.82 $2.40
Ornaments $10.00 $5.30 $4.70 $4.00

*MSRP - Manufactures Suggested Price
*You don't have to buy only one type of item to reach the 10, 50, 100 all items count toward those amounts.
*Minimum Order of 10

    How we are Flexible?

    Fundraisers can be set up in one of three ways
    • Option 1: Order in bulk to sell yourself
    • Option 2: Create an order form 
    • Option 3: If you have an idea of how you want to run a fundraiser that we haven’t thought of.  Talk to us and we will customize it to work for you.

    No matter what option you choose you will have a collection online of your schools spirit jewelry, you will have a portal assigned to you online and a purchase code that you can give out.  If anyone purchases any jewelry on our website using the portal or the purchase code you will get 30% of each sale directly deposited into a paypal account.

    Special Collection

    All of your groups special designs will be place into a special collection that you will have access to. So when someone asks you after the fundraiser is over that they wish they would have bought something. Now they can, and your club or organization can receive part of the purchase through a PayPal account. 

    Design, Setup, and Shipping Fees


    As always there are no design or set up fees. We do ask that you send us your designs as early as possible, so that we have time to work on them prior to the event.