Benefits Of Wearing Wooden Jewelry

Wooden jewelry is becoming more popular, many people increasingly use it now.  Using wood for designs is much lower-priced without sacrificing quality especially when compared to other jewelry materials like gold, platinum, or silver. One of the most used wooden jewelry is wooden earrings. 


All wood is hypoallergenic, nickel-free the main irritants for people with metal allergies. Thus limiting the metal touching the skin to a bare minimum. Bacteria cannot survive on the surface of natural wood. Wood is naturally antibacterial and has antimicrobial properties that its wear can benefit the wearer. In a world filled with chemicals and plastics, it is far safer to wear wood.  Wood earrings will remain far more biocompatible than any other substance. 

Wood Jewelry is extremely lightweight, No tearing or stretching of the ear.   Wood earrings exert low strain on the earlobes thereby preventing any pain. Women who have had earholes that have been stretched over time can still wear these with our further stretching.

A large portion of people claiming to have metal allergies are actually wearing jewelry that is too heavy and it tearing the skin leading to infections. These infections are often mistaken for metal allergies. 

Environmental Benefits

After ten years, where will those plastic and acrylic jewelry be? Plastic pollution of the environment and water supply is already a problem. Wooden jewelry will eventually return to its original location and help sustain life there. The usage of environmentally damaging, non-sustainable materials is reduced with the use of wood jewelry.

Most of the wood we use at Cate's Concepts is salvaged. We also have biodegradable earrings.

Design Possibilities

Our wooden earrings at Cate's Concepts come in a wide variety of styles that may be customized to meet the needs of every wearer. Wood has more creative potential than other materials, and as a result, it is simpler to carve into intricate shapes and patterns. Often, the only restriction on design options is one's imagination. As a result, Cate's Concepts' motto, "If you dream anything, We will make it an earring," was born.

Future posts on this site will expand on these subjects. Please let us know if you have any further suggestions for topics to look into.

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