Cate and Dad Announce New Headband and Earrings with Video!

Hey there, accessory aficionados! Ready for some good news?

Our favorite dynamic duo, Cate and Dad, have something exciting to share. They've been as busy as beavers in a log factory, and it's time to show off their latest creations - a totally fab set of new headbands and earrings! And guess what? They’ve captured all their hard work and silly moments in a video that's as entertaining as a monkey doing the macarena!

Brand New Bling Alert!

Get ready to jazz up your wardrobe with these fresh, funky designs. Picture this: a shiny headband that makes you feel like a queen, and earrings so cool, they make ice cubes jealous. Sounds dreamy, right?

Video Time - Lights, Camera, Action!

Cate and Dad had so much fun designing these accessories, they couldn’t keep it to themselves. They recorded all their laughs, dad jokes, and even the tricky bits. It's funnier than a cat trying to walk in snow boots! Check out their video to join in on the fun.

BOGO? Yes, Please!

Here's the cherry on top. If we can sell a design you've created, you'll get a BOGO deal! That's short for "Buy One, Get One". It’s like finding two gummy worms in your packet when you expected one. Yum and Yay!

To check out Cate and Dad's new creations, their hilarious videos, or even to submit your own designs, visit Cates Concepts at Who knows, your design could be the next big thing!

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