Lee County Fair: A Whirlwind of Fun, Fried Food, and Feathery Friends

Welcome to the Lee County Fair, where the only thing more vibrant than the lights on the Ferris wheel is the history behind this beloved local event. Strap in, folks, this isn’t just any county fair—it’s a cultural cavalcade, packed with as much history as it has cotton candy (which is a lot).

When and Where to Join the Fun

Mark your calendars! The Lee County Fair is coming to town from May 16th to October 18th. The gates swing open at the crack of noon each day, promising fun until the stars are well up in the Texas sky, at the Lee County Fairgrounds, 2495 West HWY 290, Giddings, TX. Don’t worry; you can follow the scent of fried Oreos if you get lost.

Roots, Rides, and Roosters

Founded in 1892, the Lee County Fair started as a modest community gathering designed to celebrate the end of harvest season. It has since grown into a must-visit event that offers a unique blend of entertainment, agricultural education, and a smorgasbord of fried everything. Yes, even the things that shouldn’t be fried.

Today, while you can still enjoy the classic fair atmosphere, the event has expanded to include a variety of contemporary attractions. Forget giant pumpkins and pie contests; at the Lee County Fair, you can partake in a Margarita Contest, judge the fieriest entries in the Bloody Mary Contest, or show off your skills in the Cornhole Tournament. Not to mention, there’s a triple threat of taste with the Salsa, Wine, & Beer Contests, where local concoctions battle it out for the top spot. These competitions add a modern twist to the fair’s traditional charm, bringing new flavors and fun challenges to the classic fairground lineup.

Supporting Future Leaders: The Lee County Fair Association’s Role

The Lee County Fair isn't just a hub for fun and games; it's also a launching pad for future leaders. Through its Youth Fair Board, the Lee County Fair Association, Inc., supports young adults by involving them deeply in the organization and operation of the fair. These high school seniors, selected from all three Lee County school districts, serve two-year terms where they assist in planning and running the fair, earning a chance at scholarships for their post-secondary education. Since 2023, the association has awarded over $310,000 in scholarships, investing in the community's future leaders and their educational advancement.

Cate’s Concepts at the Fair

And what’s a fair without a little flair? Cate’s Concepts will be there with bells on (and maybe some whistles too). Swing by our booth for a dazzling array of handcrafted wooden earrings that are as unique as the prize-winning livestock. Whether you’re looking for something classy to wear to the rodeo or whimsical enough to match your cotton candy, we’ve got you covered.

So, whether you're in it for the nostalgia, the novelty foods, or the neck-breaking rides, the Lee County Fair has something for everyone. Bring the family, bring a date, or just bring yourself—there’s plenty of fun to go around.

Prepare to laugh, scream, and possibly eat enough funnel cake to regret it later. It’s not just a fair; it’s the Lee County Fair, where memories are made, and belt sizes are tested.


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