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Puerto Rican Taino Sun Wooden Dangle Earrings

Puerto Rican Taino Sun Wooden Dangle Earrings

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Sunny Side Up! - Puerto Rican Taino Sun Wooden Dangle Earring

Bask in the Glow of Tradition with a Twist 
Introducing our "Puerto Rican Taino Sun Wooden Dangle Earrings" – the perfect accessory for the woman who carries the warmth of the Puerto Rican sun in her heart and a little sass in her step! These aren't just earrings; they're your personal sunshine on a cloudy day.

Wooden Wonder with a Cultural Spark:
Crafted from the finest wood that whispers tales of the enchanting island, these earrings are as light as a Taino feather but as bold as the Puerto Rican spirit. Each earring is lovingly carved with the radiant Taino Sun, radiating vibes stronger than your abuela's café.

Dangle with a Jangle:
Get ready to sway, twirl, and sashay with these earrings that dance along with you. Whether you're grooving to reggaeton or swaying to a bolero, these suns will keep up, never missing a beat. And they promise not to get tangled, even if your dance moves are more 'salsa picante' than 'salsa suave.'

Fashion Statement with a Comic Twist:
Pair these beauties with your fiercest outfit, or simply jazz up your jeans-and-tee day. Either way, you'll be turning heads faster than a mofongo disappears at a family gathering. Plus, they're a great conversation starter - "Is that the Taino sun? Are you wearing a piece of Puerto Rico?"

Eco-Chic and Proud:
Sustainably sourced and eco-friendly, these earrings are as good for the planet as they are for your style cred. Wear them guilt-free, knowing you're rocking a piece of cultural pride that's also kind to Mother Earth.

Gift That Sparks Joy and Jokes:
Looking for a gift that says, "You light up my life like a San Juan sunrise"? These earrings are it! Perfect for the Puerto Rican diva in your life, or anyone who appreciates a blend of heritage, humor, and high fashion.

Add a dash of sunshine to your jewelry collection with our Puerto Rican Taino Sun Wooden Dangle Earrings. Because every day deserves a little ray of laughter and a whole lot of style!


Meta - Surgical steel

Wood - Baltic Birch

Care Instructions

If these earrings get dirty or smudge they can be cleaned with water and a towel.

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